Car insurance in California for students

Being a student in California is certainly one of the experiences you will never forget in your live. The lovely weather, lots of beaches, the ocean, parties, many different people and oh yes, studying. Whether in high school, college or university, there's nothing like being young in California. And of course, it would take a car to enjoy all the beauty and opportunities the Golden State has to offer. However, if you've escaped the parents' nest and move out to live on your own there are certain unpleasant surprises coming your way. They are all related to costs, and among all the expenses you will have while living on your own or at the campus, there's the simple fact that getting car insurance in California while being younger than 25 can cost you a lot of money. And this is not just because you live in such a populated state. It's because you're a teen.

Teen drivers traditionally get the highest quotes possible from all insurance companies. This may seem unfair, but the companies have their reasons for charging extra when insuring teens and young adults. And when you look at it from their perspective you will understand this practice. For insurance companies statistics play a crucial role, as data analysis allows the insurers to assess the possible risks of insuring a driver that belongs to a certain demographic group. When it comes to analyzing the data for teen drivers, the statistics are far from being favorable. On average, drivers with the age below 25 tend to produce more accidents that have more severe damages and injuries when compared to other age groups. This results from a combination of factors such as lack of driving experience, general risk taking behavior, tendency to drive while intoxicated and others. Of course, this doesn't imply that all teen drivers are reckless risk takers that don't get behind the steering wheel without getting drunk silly. However, because cases like these do happen in this group of drivers, and their frequency is higher if compared to other ages, all teen drivers are forced to pay for the mistakes their less responsible peers commit. That's how pricing works for car insurance in California and you can't do anything about it. Except that you can lower your rates by showing the insurer that you are a good driver.

Insurance companies realize that teens aren't always capable of paying high premiums, that's why they have several options that younger drivers can consider in order to lower their costs of car insurance in California. First, there's always the possibility to remain a written driver with your parents' insurance policy, assuming that you're living in the same house. This will lower your individual rates, but won't allow you to get a no-claims discounts while you're a written driver. You can also try to be a good student, and it will pay off in different ways, including insurance expenses. Most insurers have special discounts for good students, so inquire with your company what are the criteria for receiving your good student discount. If your college or university is located in more than 100 miles away from your original residence, you can also get a discount with some insurance providers. And don't forget that it's maybe better to drive a simpler and less expensive car first while you accumulate driving experience in order to lower your premiums. You can combine all these options to get a very substantial cut in your premiums, but it will certainly take some dedication from your part as well.

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