Car insurance in California and natural disasters

For many people California represents one of the most attractive places to live in. The beautiful nature and a pleasant climate certainly make it one of the most attractive states to settle in the USA. But the beauty and tranquility can sometimes be deceiving, as there certain risks involved as well. Too many people tend to forget about the fact that a large part of California represents a very active seismic area, and that earthquakes are a very common phenomena. It is estimated that every year California is hit by approximately 10,000 earthquakes. Of course, the largest part of them are minor shakes that can pass unnoticed. But every now and then major quakes take place, and you have to be sure that all of your assets are protected properly in order to minimize the damage delivered by such natural events. This includes your car too.

The majority of car owners, especially those who aren't originally from California, tend to overlook the potential damage delivered by an earthquake to their vehicles. Unfortunately, it can be substantial and having your vehicle covered with proper car insurance California is a matter of common sense. The most logic solution would be getting comprehensive coverage with your policy, with the belief that it will cover earthquake damage just as it usually does in other states. However, if you study your California insurance policy carefully you may be surprised to find out that earthquake coverage is simply not included.

It's a very common practice for insurance companies to exclude the most common peril from the list of standard coverage. You can usually see that car insurance companies from the Tornado Valley states make tornado damage an exclusion, and the same goes for flood damage in high risk flood zones. Such a strategy serves the sole purpose of making you pay more for the specific type of damage you will be required to cover with an additional weaver. Naturally, by purchasing such a weaver for earthquake damage you will make your car insurance in California more expensive. But in the end it all boils down to simple risk management: are you willing to risk a lot of money by not paying just a little bit more for insurance? That's a question each car owner has to ask him or herself, having the staggering number of earthquakes in mind.

Of course, the real damage to your vehicle is delivered by earthquakes with a large magnitude, which aren't as common as you might think. However, it's impossible to predict when or where the next Quake of '89 or more catastrophic events would take place. And that's what car insurance is all about - it protects you in the events you simply cannot foresee. You may never use the earthquake coverage of your policy, but what if your car slips into a crack in the earth, gets smashed by a falling wall or gets out of control while on a shaking road? Unfortunately the probability of such events is higher if you live in California. That's why it's highly recommended to take earthquake damage with your car insurance in California and make sure that your asset is covered properly.

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