Environment-friendly vehicles and car insurance in California

Being environmentally-conscious is a very nice trend, and it's nice to see it taking root in California. The Golden State features numerous initiatives and has developed many projects in the field of environment protection and green energy. But it takes people's efforts as well, and it's really pleasing to see so many hybrid and electric motor cars roaming the roads of the state. It would be surprising to see it otherwise, assuming the role of the Silicone Valley in the environmental-friendly energy movement. However, with all that optimism and social activity aside, it's important to assess the costs of being environmental-friendly. This is especially important for "green" car owners who tend to share the belief that hybrid and electric cars are cheaper to keep and insure. The latter aspect of car insurance in California for such vehicles is exactly what we'll be discussing in this article.

You can hear that hybrid and electric cars are cheaper to insure because they don't have the carbon footprint of the regular drive cars. And this may be true to an extent, but you have to understand the mechanisms of price formation for insuring such vehicles. Besides, in some cases it may actually be costlier to insure a hybrid or electric drive car, and there reasons for that as well. In order to eliminate any confusion, let's first look at the big picture and understand why there's such a contradiction in different observations of insurance costs for environmental-friendly cars.

The main catch is that when the first mass-produced hybrid drive cars have hit the market the authorities have initiated different programs that were thought to stimulate the sales of such cars. These programs included various rebates and incentives in different fields, including insurance. Many companies providing car insurance in California also participated in these programs, and that's exactly why hybrid cars were cheaper to insure than regular drive vehicles. However, as the time passed some insurance companies have cancelled these discounts and set their premiums according to the exact risk factors associated with hybrid vehicles. And to much surprise, the most popular models of hybrid drives didn't have much difference in various risk categories when compared to the same models with ordinary internal-combustion engines. On top of that, initially hybrid drives were more expensive to insure because the repair parts and specialists were scarce, and this contributed to higher costs of insuring such cars. Today, however, the costs of repair have diminished, and the price for insuring a hybrid drive vehicle is often comparable to the cost of insuring the same model with an ordinary drive. Unless, of course, the insurer still has special incentives for hybrid-drive vehicles, which aren't that common these days.

As for electric motor vehicles, insurers are still somewhat cautious about designating them with a particular risk rating because they don't have sufficient data yet. The average rating for such cars is "neutral" and they are charged with slightly higher premiums because the repair costs with such vehicles are higher due to their scarcity. Nevertheless, it's only a matter of time for the electric motor vehicles to become a massive product, and it will then be easier to assess the real cost of insuring such cars. Still, it doesn't mean that you can't get car insurance in California for such vehicles today and it doesn't restrict you from looking for companies that offer incentives on this particular type of environment-friendly vehicles.

How to Buy Car Insurance in California Online »

If you live in the state of California and plan on operating a vehicle, it is required that you carry automobile insurance. There are a lot of car insurance companies around, both online and local. This may make it seem overwhelming to shop around. However, this is the best way to save money and is worth the effort. There are many car insurance companies online, and there are many websites that will find you multiple quotes with a single click of a button!

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