Car insurance in California and discounts

Having a car in California is something as common as having a roof over your head. It is one of the most populated states with one of the highest numbers of cars possessed by its residents. So it's fairly logic that with a higher number of cars in a state with somewhat heavy traffic the average car insurance rates will be higher compared to less populated areas. That's why people moving into the Golden State or comparing local rates with other states are unpleasantly surprised with the prices they get for car insurance in California. On top of that, the general tendency of the insurance industry to increase the premiums also contributes to the steadily rising costs of insuring a car in this state. For many people it is not acceptable, that's why there are nearly four million drivers without any insurance coverage in California. Of course, it's illegal to drive without insurance and we're not suggesting doing that. But there's no denying the fact that at a certain point you may feel like you're paying too much for your car insurance in California. That's when you should consider looking for insurance discounts.

Discounts are very common with the majority of insurance providers that use these to attract new customers and favor the loyal ones. The requirements as well as amounts of discounts can vary significantly, but there's usually the same set of discount types you will encounter with most insurance companies. Knowing these discount types is important since you will always have the possibility to reduce your rates even when switching companies. And here are some of the most commonly offered discounts available for car insurance in California:

Multiple car

Many Californian households have two or more cars. And if you include all the cars in the household into the a single policy, you will usually get a discount that will make it more affordable to insure your car this way compared to getting separate policies for each car.


Having no insurance claims for a prolonged period of time (usually 3-5 years) while keeping your coverage with the same provider can grant you a good discount. However, once you file a claim or switch providers the discount will be lost.

Low mileage

The risk of accident is directly related to the amount of time spent on the road. So if you drive less than the average amount of miles per year you can get a good discount. The usual limit for most insurers is 10,000 miles although the figure may differ among companies.

Loyal customer

Staying with the same provider for a long time has its perks, such as the loyal customer discount. It usually requires you to keep the same policy for an extended number of years (five or more) and the discount is eventually lost if you switch providers, like in case of no-claims discount.

Good student

Good students are usually regarded as responsible drivers that are careful on the road. At least that's what insurers think. So if you have a good average and can provide a copy of your grade report to the insurer you can get a good discount. This will certainly turn out to be helpful for teens who usually get the highest rates.

Senior driver

Like young drivers, senior car owners tend to get very high rates because of age-related problems that may cause car crashes. However, most insurance companies tend to offer special discounts for drivers over 65 in order to reduce the financial impact of higher rates.

Multiple policy

Certain providers specialize in more kinds of insurance than just car insurance in California. So if you happen to have a health, home or life insurance policy with a provider that also sells car insurance, you can get a very good discount for buying it from that company.

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