Car insurance in California and custom vehicles

California is definitely one of the most likely places to see a large number of custom vehicles. Of course, it's highly speculative to say that it's the very source of vehicle customization trends that have engulfed the entire world over the last decade. But you can't deny the fact that you can see many customized cars here like nowhere else. Popularized by numerous TV shows and spiced up by the search for individuality common for the dwellers of the Golden State, this practice can take even the most usual cars to extremes you have never imagined. From simple paint jobs that will make your family sedan or retro car look really cool to complete overhaul that will turn the car into a completely different vehicle - you can see the entire range of modifications on a regular basis in California. However, it's rare that people think about car insurance when performing such customization to their vehicle, which is a very risky practice. All in all, you want your car insurance in California to pay out in case of an accident, right? But what if it won't just because you've customized your car? Unfortunately, it's a very probable scenario if you don't take of things beforehand.

It may feel natural that your insurance company adjusts the policy and premiums automatically with regards to all customization efforts you undertake. But they actually don't do that, and it's your responsibility to keep your insurer informed about any changes to your car. Even minor modifications should be documented and synchronized with your insurance provider in order to make sure that the vehicle is properly covered all the time. And what if you don't do that? You may end up in a situation when the insurer will deny your claim after they find out about all the customization. It may sound unfair, but you have to take the insurer's point of view in this situation.

When a standard factory-made vehicle gets car insurance in California it represents a combination of standard parts, each having their precise cost and with precise repair fees provided by the repair shop. If such a car gets into an accident the insurer knows exactly how much it will cost to replace the broken parts and fix anything necessary. This provides a basis for calculating the exact premiums you will be charged with. Now, what happens when you replace any part of your vehicle with a custom piece? First of all, the repair shop may refuse to replace it with an identical detail if it gets broken, because the insurance contracts only stipulate replacing standard factory-installed parts. The cost of repairing a vehicle in such a case will be altered as custom parts usually cost more than the standard ones. Moreover, the insurer may view the customization as an alteration of the initial risk rating of the vehicle, and they may be right. For example, a special paint job can provoke vandalism while a custom stereo or video system may increase the risk of burglary. Not to mention that fitting your car with performance-specific improvements such as new tires, suspension, engine tweaks and so on will make it behave differently in traffic, and pose a different risk to other vehicles. And when it comes to risks, insurers are crazy about controlling them. So if you alter the overall risk factor of your car by customizing it, the insurer won't be happy to find out about this only after your claim has been filed. That's why in many cases you can be denied coverage altogether for not informing your insurance provider about the tweaks you made.

The risk of such an unpleasant situation is easily eliminated by keeping your insurer up-to-date on all the changes you take the vehicle through. Contact your insurers and provide all the necessary documentation as well as visual representation of the changes every time you do them. And don't delay this, since you never know when the coverage might be needed. Do it right after the car is customized and is in a perfect driving condition. This way you will keep your car insurance in California adequate to your needs all the time and eliminate the risk of being denied the coverage you are paying for.

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